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Yes, yet another baby book

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Sep. 6th, 2009 | 08:37 pm
posted by: dreagoddess in scrappers

I'm hard at work on the current books for a set of twins (that's an interesting challenge), but I realized I hadn't posted the last book I did. It's an 8x8 book for a college friend of mine.

This one was a challenge because the parents opted not to find out the baby's gender and they didn't have any kind of nursery theme, so I was trying to figure out something fairly gender-neutral. Because the new mom is a librarian, I went with a storybook theme. I'm absolutely crushed, though, because something happened when I transferred my picture of the front page to the computer. It apparently got deleted, and I'd already deleted it from the camera. It was really cute, with a big open book that said "Once Upon a Time" and had a castle and a dragon on it.

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